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The Library is not open at present while the collection is being moved. 
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Summary of Veterans Research Center Holdings--







The New York State Military Museum and Veteran Research Center (NYSMMVRC) Library and Archives, a part of New York Stateís Division of Military and Naval Affairs, is a research facility whose mission is to preserve the history of New York Stateís military forces and New York State veterans of many battles starting with the American Revolutionary War.



The NYSMMVRC collection, one of the finest collections in the country of military flags, artifacts, photographs and records, was initially formed in 1863 by the Bureau of Military Statistics, a department of New York Stateís Adjutant Generalís office. The collection resided in the State Capitol for most of its history.

Since its founding during the Civil War, the NYSMMVRC collection continues to grow and now houses thousands of artifacts and records that chronicle the contributions New York State men and women have made to our state and federal military over the past 200 years.


The NYSMMVRC Library and Archive is a major resource for the study of New York State military, cultural and social history, and the role played by New York men and women veterans in federal service.

The Library and Archive collection includes a library of 2000 volumes of military and New York State history; over 5,000 unit and individual soldier photographs; unit history files; broadsides; scrapbooks; letters; armory and unit collections; and maps.






  • Unit History Vertical Files. These files contain historical and lineage information on New York State Militia, National Guard, New York Guard and New York Naval Militia, Air National Guard units and New York units inducted into federal service. Most New York units after 1861 are included in this collection. These vertical files are arranged numerically by unit number.
  • New York Civil War Regiments Newspaper File. This is a collection of clippings from New York State Civil War era newspapers describing the activities of individual New York regiment. The collection is arranged numerically by regiment.
  • Civil War Photograph Collection. Over 2,500 individual photographs of Civil War soldiers are in this collection, most are identifiable by name and regiment. This collection is on a searchable database.
  • Officer Service Record Cards. Individual service records for New York National Guard, New York Guard and New York Naval Militia officers, 1910-1965.
  • Burial Record Cards. This file contains burial data for New Yorkers who served in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War and Spanish- American War.
  • Individual Military Service Record Jackets. These records contain service histories and civilian information on thousands of members of the New York National Guard and New York Guard, l870ís-1950. Communities for which these records are available include Malone, Glens Falls, Oneida, Utica, Oswego, Tonawanda, and Oneonta.
  • Armory/Unit Collections. Detailed records kept by National Guard units in several New York State communities. Included in these records are unit descriptive lists, muster rolls, scrapbooks, company letter books, photographs and other material relating to the operation of a National Guard company. The records for each armory are a separate collection.
  • New York State Veterans Oral History Project. A collection of oral history interviews of New York State veterans from World War II to the present. This is an ongoing project.
  • 27th Division Collections. A number of collections with material pertaining to New York Stateís 27th Infantry Division during World War I and II.
  • New York State Adjutant Generalís Reports, 1858 to present; and General Orders issued by the Adjutant Generalís Office, 1861-1965. These volumes are invaluable sources of information on the workings and structure of New Yorkís military forces.









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